VR-08 Pro Price / Purchase JAPANESE

Please check the followings before purchasing

* VR-08 Pro can be used only on a PC that is connected to the internet.
(You can use on off-line PC after the completion of the activation)
* You will receive the License Key by email at the purchase.
* The online activation process will associate the License Key and a PC that runs VR-08 Pro.
* You can use VR-08 Pro under the three PCs with one license.
・If you will use VR-08 Pro under four or more PCs, please additionally purchase a license for each three PCs.

Please contact here if you have any questions about the license / purchase.

VR-08 Pro License

The settlement is handled by

Comparison with Free version and Pro version


Pro Free
Supports 44.1kHz of sampling rate O O
Supports 22.05kHz ~ 192kHz of sampling rate O -
Sample-set optimized for 44.1kHz (2,372 audio waves) O O
Sample-set optimized for 48kHz (2,372 audio waves) O -
Sample-set optimized for 88.2kHz (2,372 audio waves) O -
Sample-set optimized for 96kHz (2,372 audio waves) O -
Independed outputs for 16 instruments / group outputs O -
Multiple VSTi at the same time O -
Save / Automate the selection state of 808 / 909 sound O -
Message appears at the start time - O
Special discounts are available!

If you are corresponding one of the following conditions, you can get a discount from standard price. If you are corresponding, please write into the input field, then, click the Buy Now button.

Tweet & follow price

* You have tweeted comment about VR-08 on the Twitter.
* You have retweeted any tweets from
ALIPAPA333 on the Twitter
* You are following
ALIPAPA333 on the Twitter

VR-08 Pro
Tweet / Follow Price

Your Twitter user name

Vocalo-P price

*You are publishing original song using VOCALOID or UTAU.

VR-08 Pro
Vocalo-P price

URL to listen the song

*The only one discount condition is applied even if you are corresponding multiple conditions.
*There is a case to change / termination the campaign and discount without any notice.
*[New Release Campaign] has been ended at 31th Aug 2013.

Dealer: Digio Corp. (JAPAN)

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